Why Us

Modi Properties has received several requests from its customers to help them rent or resell their property. In order to provide our customers these additional services, a professional team has been setup under its subsidiary viz., Modi Consultancy Services LLP. Modi Consultancy Services is now providing rental and resale services to such customers. Since its inception hundreds of leases have been finalised. Modi Consultancy Services is now also focusing on resale services.

Our customer enjoy the following benefits from our services:

  • Sale or rent may be finalised within short time.
  • Best re-sale price/reasonable rental rate can be achieved.
  • Guarantee of minimum sale price.
  • Customer does not have to go through the tedious documentation process. This will be taken care by Modi Housing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Full refund of consultancy charges if transaction is not completed.
  • Ease of obtaining housing loan & release the same in customers favour.
  • Hassle free and smooth transaction.
  • Increase in occupancy leading to increased collection of maintenance charges which in turn result in increase of revenue for Association, for better maintenance.

To recover the cost of maintaining a professional team and cost of advertisements, flyers, brochures, etc.,
a reasonable fee is being charged from our customers which is as follows:

  • For rental services – 1 month rent.
  • For resale services – 3% of sale consideration

We hope to fully justify the service charges being collected.